Artificial Intelligence to Grow Your Business? YES!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in several platforms, over a broad spectrum of different businesses. We know AI is useful and can benefit your business. So, how can it be used to GROW your business?


On April 30th Wildomar Advisors hosted an event entitled “Harnessing AI to Grow your Business”, along with Tracy and Michael Levine of Advantage Talent, Inc. Several Executives in the area were invited to join to create hear Tracy and Mike’s knowledge on the topic of AI and utilizing it to grow your company.


The following highlights some of the take-aways from the presentation:


DISC. It is no longer who you know, but who you are. Through the DISC system, Tracy and Mike create what they call your “Living Logo”. DISC is a powerful tool to understanding people. It is a method of identifying predictable actions and personality traits within human behavior.   Using the DISC system, more companies are finding you, before you find them. It has been established that finding the person that fits your company best- versus what person you may like the most, is what moves a company forward. And most attendees to our event agreed! The most beneficial aspect of the information was how it related to not only retaining the right employees, but attracting the right employees.


GPE2, stands for Growth, Profit, Efficiency, and Engagement. This is the magic combination for success. AI helps increase Profit, make hiring more efficient. Using AI to helps choose the proper employees to nurture an engaging work culture.


Soft Skills. Soft Skills have become more in-demand in the workplace. Businesses have noticed that creativity, adaptability, time management and collaborative skills enhance the company forward motion. These skills advance enough more efficiently than hard skills have in the past.


Netflix. Yes, Netflix. They are just one of the many innovative companies that have been using AI on you, and you may not have noticed. Amazon streaming, Online retailers, and Social Media platforms, all use AI algorithms to make sure you have the best experience when using their services. Knowing they have succeeded with AI, why not try AI too.


Implementing AI in your business can assist in keeping your company relevant, innovative, and engaged with customers and employees. Customers and employees are what drives a business to fail, or to succeed. Using AI to analysis how you build your company is the first step in harnessing AI to grow your business.

Here at Wildmor our Executives have been working with Advantage Talent, Inc to discover their “Living Logo” to utilize their brand optimization. Or in other words, detecting their true strengths to better the business.



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Artificial Intelligence to Grow Your Business? YES!
Artificial Intelligence to Grow Your Business? YES!
Artificial Intelligence to Grow Your Business? YES!