The Wildmor team believes that when any one of us succeeds, the team as a whole succeeds. The heart of my work here helps to provide structure and organization for our brokers so they have immediate and streamlined access to accurate information. This will ultimately help to grow our business and maintain solid relationships with our clients.


Hannah Johnson, Marketing Coordinator

hannah connects you

Hannah joined the Wildmor team in August 2017 with a background in marketing.

As a key member of the marketing and research team, she works to complete branding and research opportunities. Hannah assists in all communication, marketing activities, event coordination, brand management, and research at Wildmor Advisors. She has run multiple marketing campaigns for Wildmor Advisors, including  sublease and lease properties. Hannah's greatest strengths are her creative problem solving, drive, and willingness to learn. She thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach.


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BBA Ole Miss


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